Holistic Health &
Wellness Mentorship


"Gabrielle’s holistic mentorship sessions are fantastic! Her approach and focus on my individual needs have allowed me to see a huge difference in my life."

Allie, 28

"Gabrielle is a thoughtful and charismatic healer. She exudes a confidence in herself, those around her and humanity at large that reassures us that everything is going to be okay. She reminds us that we all have a past and that's okay. We are all imperfect and that's okay. What binds us together is our humanity and that's why everything is going to be okay. Whatever our personal struggles might be, Gabrielle can frame it in a way that heals our doubts while recharging and motivating us to live our lives to the fullest!"

Damien, 29

"Gabrielle is an extraordinarily caring and helpful person! She provided me with relaxation techniques that I can easily integrate into my daily routine. In the past I’d wait for the right time to relax which never really came. Gabrielle has taught me that relaxation is something I can practice throughout my day... I enjoyed our online mentorship sessions as she helped me learn how to take time for myself and not feel guilty. She is so passionate in what she does, and it truly shows!" 

Debra, 62

"As Gabrielle and I talked, I realized quickly that she had managed to bypass all of the alarms and bells my brain usually sounds when I begin opening up about myself...She listened, asked questions or gave feedback, and understood...in 15 minutes, she had grasped what I was saying without making me feel weird or less than...I genuinely cannot thank Gabrielle enough for helping me find new insight into myself and the world around me."

Dustin, 31

"Gabrielle is such a joy to work with! She truly cares for every person she comes into contact with and listens to any concerns they have. She provides great feedback and easy and approachable solutions [for] any of the issues her clients may face. She lets the client set the pace and any limitations they may have, she follows! She has already helped me make great strides in overcoming anxiety and stress by using natural and Ayurvedic practices. Would definitely recommend Gabrielle to any one who is ready to start working on themselves!"

Kasey, 28


Reiki / Energy Healing


"Gabrielle’s reiki session was extremely transformative. It was my first experience with Reiki and I honestly went in expecting nothing to happen. The outcome was so much more than I could have ever anticipated. I physically felt blockages being removed, a wild array of sensations throughout my whole body. I left with a sense of clarity on my whole outlook on life. It was refreshing, healing, and much needed, I would recommend Gabrielle’s expertise to anyone who is interested in diving deeper into themselves."

Tara, 32

"Her energy and peaceful attitude towards the entire session made me feel comfortable and embrace this new approach of listening to my body...

It is because of my experience in this session with Gabriella that I was inspired to begin my spiritual journey!"

Eftihia, 30

At the time, I was incredibly cynical of anything "holistic" or "alternative," but since she had shown such a strong understanding of my issue, I agreed to give it try. As for results, I've since gone back several times for follow up sessions of my own volition, and while I cannot accurately describe everything I feel during Reiki, I can say that, as she works,  Gabrielle provides a sense of peace and calm that engulfs you during treatment and for some time after she's finished. During our sessions, I'd re-examine things from my trauma therapies or look at some of the stressful aspects of my life, but with Gabrielle's calm comforting presence and the energy flowing between the two of you during the Reiki session, even the worst of it could be looked at and approached with a new clarity and energy with no real ill feelings.

Dustin, 31

"I was a little skeptical about doing distance Reiki, but it turned out to be the most powerful Reiki session I've ever had. I felt incredible for weeks after and now I'm craving more. Gabbi made me feel very comfortable and she has such a calm, genuine presence."
Aimee, 37

"Gabrielle's distance Reiki sessions are transformational.  I've had the pleasure of experiencing several Reiki sessions with Gabrielle and I would recommend them to anyone who is has low energy, feeling stuck in a negative thought, or uncertain with how to best take care of themselves.  She offers a supportive environment to relax and receive new information.  Thank you so much!"

Lyndsay, 39

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"I just started the course today and I really love it. I like the natural way you talk and explain things and really loved the first meditation connection heart to womb and throat to womb." I already learned new things because I didn't know about the acupressure points etc. Thanks!"


"...Inside Gabrielle’s programs she offers a unique and much needed perspective that will show various ways to tune in and trust yourself.  This course is NOT another empty promise that offers a “blueprint strategy” that will get your business results in 30 days.  Rather it’s an invitation to learn and tune into your own body and live life on your own terms... If you find yourself stuck in a rut or creative process, Gabrielle is your guide to crack open the door so you can step through."


"Oh my goodness. That was so beautiful. Found myself laughing, crying, and releasing all at once. What a blessing to have someone like you in this world to help and inspire people to be their best selves.. I feel so much better after that. Thank you dear Goddess! You are amazing! Blessings to you!"
"I totally dig your energy and teaching style! I took so much from it and know it will heighten my practice intensely... I thought it was a beautiful example of your clearly incredible ability to share this wisdom and guide so many through what can be a super confusing transformation. I especially loved the music you chose and the face at which you moved in the video."
Balancing my intuition & intellect has been something that I have needed to work on since my spiritual awakening & it is so wonderful to see someone offer help on how this can be done for someone's highest good. You are a blessing. Thank you!"

"I feel incredible. Gabrielle truly has a gift to share with this world and can get even the most introverted person to open up to themselves and learn about themselves."


“I recently took Gabrielle Merandi’s EFT Tapping mini course and I was astounded by the results after just 25 short minutes! I could feel energized, yet relaxed vibrations throughout my body that put me in a good mood. The affirmations were excellent and very easy to customize to your current needs/situation. Everyone is constantly running themselves to death with work, family, and post-pandemic life, and this course was a positive, gentle reminder to take some self care time! Gabrielle’s energy was so vibrant endearing, it felt like having a friend over to hang out and was immediately engaging. I will definitely be utilizing her many professional services in the near future to help with work stress and anxiety. As someone who has worked with tapping before, I can honestly say Gabrielle is the best all around for understanding, kindness, and professionalism all wrapped into one. Do yourself a favor and contact her NOW—you deserve it!”
"Everyone talks about intuition and listening to your body and sometimes it’s overwhelming and I don’t know how to tune in more, but this gave me new, simple (yet so complex and informative) ideas on how I can tune in daily to the messages my body is trying to send me. After watching it, I feel like it’s easy to listen to my body and it’s a practice that I can easily implement daily."

"Going through Gabrielle's course has been amazing. I had wanted to dive into learning about energy work for a long time but every time I tried to find out the information myself I was always left confused and overwhelmed.

Gabrielle's easy explanations of all of these different topics combined with the beautiful scenery and her infectious personality really set this course apart from anything else I have tried.

From the beginning, I felt at ease and understood. She explains everything in such an easy way that even for me (a complete beginner) I could clearly understand all the different terms and follow her guidance...

It’s truly a fantastic course for anyone wanting to go on this journey but not knowing where to start and I can’t recommend this enough."


"I love how personable you are in the videos. I found myself responding to you, like when you'd say, 'Ready?'"
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Group Work

I literally just started doing group work recently, so if you would like to submit a testimonial because you attended one of my classes, workshops, or retreats,

I will love you forever.


"Gabrielle’s Meditation and Breathwork classes are truly transformational. Her expertise is evident as she guides through a variety of meditation and breathwork techniques, and every class seems to flow naturally in a way that brings a sense of ease as a student. My absolute favorite part about these classes is the energy that Gabrielle radiates. No matter the energy I take into the class, Gabrielle makes me feel welcomed, safe, validated, and supported, and I leave with my nervous system feeling calm and regulated. I look forward to these classes every time - truly a gift to my mind, body, and soul...

My yoga practice has deepened since starting to attend the Meditation and Breathwork classes, as it created an opportunity to dive deeper into non-asana aspects of yoga!"
Brooke, 24

"I am relatively new to the yoga and meditation scene, and have found Gabrielle’s classes to be such a great resource. Her breath work and meditation class has given me a lot of tools to use in my meditation and yoga practice. I’ve learned a lot from her in just the few sessions I’ve already had! You will learn so much about yourself, meditation, healing, and self-love in the safe environment she cultures her in classes...

I have been able to utilize breath work not only in my meditation practice, but to help regulate my body’s response to my anxiety. It’s an incredible tool I can now utilize to ground myself.
Ginny, 24