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Sisterhood Circle

Embodiment Vortex

Digital 8-Week Event

Are you looking for a community of energy conscious women to be a part of? This group will focus on sacred feminine embodiment practices, connecting with each other, and accelerating your healing journey. It will be co-created with your energy and you will undoubtedly find lifelong friendships.


Each week will be a combination of open space (for sharing, asking questions, and receiving feedback) and guided practices (dance, meditations, breathwork, journaling, card readings, reiki). There is something very magical that happens when many women/womb-carriers come together to create a cosmic vortex of wisdom.

This circle is opening to seasoned embodiment practitioners and the curious beginners.

*If you are gender non-conforming, you are welcome!


We will meet every Tuesday at 6am HST / 9am PST / 12pm EST / 4pm UK

for two months via Zoom from June 7th - July 26th.

The Zoom link will be emailed to you.

I am expecting this event to run 3 times per year.

February & March

June & July

October & November

Two months in the vortex, two months out.

Watch how quickly your life transforms.


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