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Meditation & Intuition for Overthinkers
Tapping Away All the Bad Feels

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Meditation & Intuition for Overthinkers Masterclass
Tapping Away All the Bad Feels
Reiki Tutorial

Goddess Testimonials


"Thanks so much for sharing this in an easy, practical, comfortable way!"
- Mary Beth


"Everyone talks about intuition and listening to your body and sometimes it’s overwhelming and I don’t know how to tune in more, but this gave me new, simple (yet so complex and informative) ideas on how I can tune in daily to the messages my body is trying to send me. After watching it, I feel like it’s easy to listen to my body and it’s a practice that I can easily implement daily."
- Gladys
"Just sending you so much light, love, and gratitude for sharing your content with me again. Balancing my intuition & intellect has been something that I have needed to work on since my spiritual awakening & it is so wonderful to see someone offer help on how this can be done for someone's highest good. You are a blessing. Thank you!"
- Candice
“I recently took Gabrielle Merandi’s EFT Tapping mini course and I was astounded by the results after just 25 short minutes! I could feel energized, yet relaxed vibrations throughout my body that put me in a good mood. The affirmations were excellent and very easy to customize to your current needs/situation. Everyone is constantly running themselves to death with work, family, and post-pandemic life, and this course was a positive, gentle reminder to take some self care time! Gabrielle’s energy was so vibrant endearing, it felt like having a friend over to hang out and was immediately engaging. I will definitely be utilizing her many professional services in the near future to help with work stress and anxiety. As someone who has worked with tapping before, I can honestly say Gabrielle is the best all around for understanding, kindness, and professionalism all wrapped into one. Do yourself a favor and contact her NOW—you deserve it!”
- Ashley


"Oh my goodness. That was so beautiful. Found myself laughing, crying, and releasing all at once. What a blessing to have someone like you in this world to help and inspire people to be their best selves.. I feel so much better after that. Thank you dear Goddess! You are amazing! Blessings to you!"
- Candice

"I totally dig your energy and teaching style! I took so much from it and know it will heighten my practice intensely... I thought it was a beautiful example of your clearly incredible ability to share this wisdom and guide so many through what can be a super confusing transformation. I especially loved the music you chose and the pace at which you moved in the video."

- Anna

This course is self-paced and provides unlimited replays!

Replays are contingent on the longevity of my business and my humanity (til death do us part).