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Group Classes

Morgantown, WV, USA

Looking to find Gabrielle in-person?

Wiles Hill Community Center

Meditation Refresh

Tuesday mornings

8:30 - 9:15am

Starting up again Nov. 28th!


This will be an opportunity to practice approachable meditation and breathing exercises together for the purposes of improving your energy, clearing your mind, and relaxing your body. Expect a welcoming atmosphere. All levels welcome!

the MAC

Meditation & Breathwork

Monday, Oct. 9th




This class is designed to allow you to tap into a deep state of relaxation and learn how to regulate stress and anxiety for practical everyday use. Sound healing instruments and aromatherapy will be a frequent component. Expect an easygoing atmosphere!



WVU Student Recreation Center

Fall Semester

Wednesdays, at 7:30pm

Room B


This meditation class is designed to allow you to tap into a deep state of relaxation, learn how to regulate stress and anxiety, and generally get familiar with diverse meditation and breathwork practices for everyday use. 


Meditation & Breathwork

Every Wednesday

6:15 - 7:15pm

Sign up here.

Temporarily Paused.


Expect therapeutic vibes. You will be guided through simple practices designed to allow your nervous system to reach a parasympathetic state. This means that your body is able to tap back into its innate ability to relax, restore, and heal. Most classes will include guided meditation and pranayama (yogic breathing), with occasional flair (essential oils, reiki, etc.). Bring your favorite zafu if you own one!

Whole Brain Solutions, LLC

More eventually.  :)

Private Classes

Morgantown, WV, USA

New Development!

Total Stretch & Wellness

Available in a few weeks!

Private Hip Opener Yin 

45 min, $80

60 min, $100


Hip opening yoga poses primarily improve circulation, flexibility and range of movement in the hips, legs and back. Practicing hip focused yoga can improve posture and help reduce tightness and/or pain in the pelvis, legs, back, and even the jaw! Anxiety reduction and spontaneous emotional release is common and welcome.


Yin yoga is involves holding poses for minutes at a time. It is slow and meditative and primarily benefits your deep connective tissues (fascia, ligaments, and joints). Staying in poses for 2-7 minutes allows your connective tissue to lengthen, flexibility to increase, circulation to improve, and stress levels to drop. 


Sessions will be adapted to your unique body and goals. Every session will end with a restorative śavasana with optional aromatherapy. All levels welcome.

Sports Reiki

60 min, $100


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that dates back 2,500 years. It arrived in the United States a century ago and is now being offered in an increasing number of clinics and hospitals. 


During a session, I will place my hands just above your body, mainly near the crown of your head, along your torso, and your knees and feet. You can wear something comfortable and relax. 

The internal experience of these sessions has sometimes been described as “an assisted meditation” state. Reiki enables your body to access a deep state of relaxation that allows it to reach its natural ability to heal itself. Potential benefits of reiki also include relieving stress and anxiety, depression and emotional distress, headaches and body aches, insomnia, and fatigue (low energy). 


30 min, $40


Pranayama is the yogic practice of controlling the life-force of the body through strategic breathing. Strategic breathing techniques are also widespread in American psychology practice and wellness spaces at large. 


By consciously connecting with your breathing and manipulating it with purpose, you can regulate your stress levels, heart rate, muscle tone, and mental focus. And that’s just the beginning. 


Sessions will be customized to your needs and goals. The strategies you learn in sessions will all be practical tools for your daily life. Whether it’s insomnia, poor digestion, or panic attacks — I’ve got you covered. 

Couple Holding Hands

Note from Gabrielle:

"Your nervous system is communicating with the people all around you ALL THE TIME.

This is not unique — this is universal.

Humans are physiologically wired to communicate via electrical impulses between nervous systems.

Sometimes people are naturally more sensitive from birth — a natural aptitude. 

Many people develop their sensitivity out of necessity when they are in any stressful situations that require their knowledge of other people’s emotions to improve in order to keep themselves safe.

You have an electromagnetic field (EMF).

Your EMF communicates with other people’s EMF.

Your heart gives off a massive EMF, because…. well, 𝘆𝗼𝘂’𝗿𝗲 𝗮𝗹𝗶𝘃𝗲 😂 and experiencing different emotional states that emit unique impulses.

Your brain has an EMF, too. It’s smaller than the one around your heart (and measurable with fancy equipment in a laboratory — or by a reiki or tai chi master).

Taking care of your own nervous system literally helps everyone around you.

A lot of my work is literally maintaining an insanely grounded and peaceful nervous system state and welcoming people to strategically coregulate with it in my classes and sessions.

Most people don’t know that. 🧘🏻‍♀️

And the phenomenal part about being exposed to that repetitively is that your nervous system gets intimately familiar with it; and therefore, you can down-regulate your own nervous system on command when you’re alone."

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