Holistic Health & Wellness Mentorship

The Big Kahuna

This is what you want when you are ready to be doted on.

You get unlimited resources when you pick this path.

Two packages are available:
Full package: meet with me 3 times per month via Zoom
Biweekly package: meet with me 2 times per month via Zoom
Both last 4 months.

Packages are also customizable. Book a Consultation to chat.

When you invest in yourself in this epic way,
I tailor to your exact needs.

You will receive packages from me in the mail
(often filled with Ayurvedic products,
and other self-care paraphernalia)
and 50% Off all my online courses.
Depending on what serves you best,
you will probably also receive
personalized meditation audiofiles,
personalized Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) videos,
and pranayama exercises
delivered to your inbox.
New resources are often sent shortly after sessions.
I am available in between sessions for questions digitally.

This path is for female or gender non-conforming/gender-nuanced individuals.
*Yes, I work with dudes occasionally.

All sessions are conducted via Zoom.