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Holistic Health & Wellness Mentorship

goddess vibes

Holistic Mentorship is perfect for energy-conscious feminine healers who desire to advance and nuance their knowledge and skills and healing professionals who are incorporating energy awareness and/or work into their lives for the first time (ex. therapists, nurses, etc.).

However, any woman seeking to more deeply understand her body, access unlimited potential for healing, and shatter all limitations holding her back from her most vibrant healthy self is welcome!

You get unlimited resources when you choose this path.

Two packages are available:
Original package: Three 60 min sessions per month for 4 months
Biweekly package: Two 60 min sessions per month for 4 months

Any session(s) can be used as a Reiki / Energy Healing session.
Card readings are available on demand (within reason lol).
And you will be gifted a digital course when you start
(Intuition Development Accelerated,
Be Your Own Energy Guru,
or The Big Sister Sex Talk).

When you invest in yourself in this beautiful way,
I tailor to your exact needs.
Get ready to be doted on.

You will receive a package from me in the mail
(often filled with Ayurvedic products,
and other self-care paraphernalia personalized to your needs)
and 50% discounts on my digital courses.
Depending on what serves you best,
you will potentially also receive
personalized meditation audiofiles,
access to one or more mini courses,

personalized Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) videos,
and potentially pranayama exercises
delivered to your inbox.

This path is for female or gender non-conforming/gender-nuanced individuals.
*I know, I no longer take dudes on this journey.

I am digitally available in between sessions for questions.
All sessions are conducted via Zoom. 

This is right for you if you:


  • are seeking a dramatically accelerated improvement in your overall personal well-being, self-confidence, and self-knowledge (including body knowledge). 

  • want to be supported in a holistic way (honoring your multi-dimensional existence; as in your energetic, mental, emotional, and physical well-being and its interconnected nature)

  • would like to dramatically increase your expertise in managing your energy personally and professionally.

  • (and optionally) need specific questions answered to further understand your own experience of the energy in your body and in your work.


This program is also right for you if you desire to become so independently knowledgeable with your own body's intelligence that you eventually no longer need me anymore because you have mastered the ability to maintain unwavering access to your body's natural wisdom and therefore stop seeking answers outside of yourself.

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