Be Your Own Energy Guru

Accelerated Guide

Part 1: I'm just getting started
Part 2: I'm getting the hang of this
Part 3: Oh damn, I'm good at this
Part 4: I'm an expert

Includes 16 videos total.

82 minutes.
1.1 How This All Started
1.4 Crucial Detail
1.3 3 Categories
1.4 Let's Talk About Meditation
My Movie 16 Clar
My Movie 16 Historical Fun Fact
My Movie 16 Fun Fact
My Movie CR 1 :)
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Goddess Testimonial

"Going through Gabrielle's course has been amazing. I had wanted to dive into learning about energy work for a long time but every time I tried to find out the information myself I was always left confused and overwhelmed.

Gabrielle's easy explanations of all of these different topics combined with the beautiful scenery and her infectious personality really set this course apart from anything else I have tried.

From the beginning, I felt at ease and understood. She explains everything in such an easy way that even for me (a complete beginner) I could clearly understand all the different terms and follow her guidance.

I feel like she has equipped me with the necessary background information and provided me with enough tools to get me started on this journey.

She has experienced many different forms of energy and holistic healing so I feel like I am learning from one of the best.

She incorporates all of these practices into one, easy to understand course that will take you from knowing absolutely nothing to finally feeling like you have a grasp on things and for me that has been the most amazing thing.

I love that she explains the background of certain practices and backs up the knowledge and understanding with scientific proof. 

The card readings were a beautiful addition and I felt like each one spoke to me at that certain time during the course.

Overall I feel ready to embark on this journey of self discovery and energy healing without the feeling of overwhelm now.

It’s truly a fantastic course for anyone wanting to go on this journey but not knowing where to start and I can’t recommend this enough."

- Sami Bee

Virtual Assistant / Nomad Queen
This course used to be titled "Mastering Health Through Your Energy Body," and was filmed in the fall and winter of 2020.
Access to the course lasts 1 year.

This course is self-paced and provides unlimited replays! 

Replays are contingent on the longevity of my business (Gabrielle Merandi LLC) and my humanity (til death do us part).