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Herbal Alchemy

for the Nerds

Three Philosophical Principles:

a.k.a. the tria prima (a way of understanding how a plant, person, or any aspect of nature has it's own unique constitutional pattern).

Soul (Sulfur 🜍) is individual (individual essence, your unique manifestation of consciousness). 

Plant component: essential oil

Spirit (Mercury ☿) is universal (the universal life force, the animating factor, Chi, the undifferentiated energy that moves through all things). Moves "between the worlds."

Plant component: alcohol

Our psyche and emotions are manifestations of spirit and ways our soul communicates with us.

Fun Fact: the term "spirits" in relation to alcohol comes from the alchemical tradition that identified the alcohol found universally in every plant as the spirit of plants.

Body (Salt 🜔) is the vehicle through which spirit and soul are able to manifest into life. Allows individuation.

Plant component: alkaline minerals

Fun Fact: when we include the salts of a plant in our herbal medicines, it drives it deeper into the tissues of the body and increases the efficacy and efficiency of the medicine at lower doses. 

The salt principle has been thrown away by modern herbal pharmacology,

making it's remedies essentially "disembodied."


In herbal alchemy (spagyrics), we use the wholeness of the plant so that it will work on the wholeness of the person.

spagyrics - 2 Greek worlds, translated most accurately: to separate and reawaken
death and rebirth
following the transformational cycles of nature




Image by Anne Nygård


"I was not educated about the practice of Reiki and its possible benefits. I had been experiencing a great deal of anxiety, stress, sleepless nights combined with physical pain exacerbated by recent health issues. Exercise, diet and meditation were indeed helpful but not sufficient. Reiki was mentioned as a potential aid. I was hesitant for a good while but finally made the decision to try. Gabrielle has a gift that I will never understand but am grateful for. I tried to keep an open and clear mind and the session seemed to flow seamlessly. Part of me could still not imagine that this process could prove beneficial. As the minutes went by so did my doubts. I eventually felt a lightness as though a weight had been lifted from my chest. My body felt a calmness and a serenity by the end. Gabrielle spoke to me about different subjects during the session that were exactly the things that were disturbing to me both mentally and physically. She spoke in very specific detail about issues I had absolutely not discussed with her. Even though I have had only a few sessions, I feel that my state of mind and physical well-being have been positively affected in a way that nothing else could accomplish for me. I know now that I have found the missing component in my journey to good mental health and physical stability. I look forward to my next session with much anticipation and hope. Thank you Gabrielle."
- Frank, 65

"Gabrielle’s reiki session was extremely transformative. It was my first experience with Reiki and I honestly went in expecting nothing to happen. The outcome was so much more than I could have ever anticipated. I physically felt blockages being removed, a wild array of sensations throughout my whole body. I left with a sense of clarity on my whole outlook on life. It was refreshing, healing, and much needed, I would recommend Gabrielle’s expertise to anyone who is interested in diving deeper into themselves."

Tara, 32

"I was a little skeptical about doing distance Reiki, but it turned out to be the most powerful Reiki session I've ever had. I felt incredible for weeks after and now I'm craving more. Gabbi made me feel very comfortable and she has such a calm, genuine presence."
Aimee, 37

"Her energy and peaceful attitude towards the entire session made me feel comfortable and embrace this new approach of listening to my body...

It is because of my experience in this session with Gabriella that I was inspired to begin my spiritual journey!"

Eftihia, 30

"At the time, I was incredibly cynical of anything "holistic" or "alternative," but since she had shown such a strong understanding of my issue, I agreed to give it try. As for results, I've since gone back several times for follow up sessions of my own volition, and while I cannot accurately describe everything I feel during Reiki, I can say that, as she works,  Gabrielle provides a sense of peace and calm that engulfs you during treatment and for some time after she's finished. During our sessions, I'd re-examine things from my trauma therapies or look at some of the stressful aspects of my life, but with Gabrielle's calm comforting presence and the energy flowing between the two of you during the Reiki session, even the worst of it could be looked at and approached with a new clarity and energy with no real ill feelings."

Dustin, 31

"Gabrielle's distance Reiki sessions are transformational.  I've had the pleasure of experiencing several Reiki sessions with Gabrielle and I would recommend them to anyone who is has low energy, feeling stuck in a negative thought, or uncertain with how to best take care of themselves.  She offers a supportive environment to relax and receive new information.  Thank you so much!"

Lyndsay, 39

Note from Gabrielle:

"It’s amazing how many issues contemporary Western culture is taught there are no remedies for.

There is literally never a case where that is true.

WHAT?!! Blasphemy! 𝗕𝗨𝗥𝗡 𝗛𝗘𝗥!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH, I’ve lost my mind and gone blind with anger - murder the witch! 🤬

…..yes, literally — that is never true. You’d think this would be good news — but to someone who’s identity is tied to misinformation, they can respond incredibly VIOLENTLY to this. 

So in case you are one of those people — I’d suggest you’d swiftly fuck off rather than attack me.

Back to it —

If someone doesn’t know the answer, it’s because they haven’t been educated about it. That’s it. 

Our world is full of the correct answers if you look in the right places.

And the best part is when you study multiculturally, you find the universal truths.

This is what I had to do.

This is what I did.

This is what I will continue to do for good measure, ☺️

in addition to painting, acro, and clay throwing,

until I die,

at a super old age."

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