Gabrielle is a Holistic Mentor, Energy Healer, and Online Course Creator. In her work, you will find integrated information from her studies in biology, psychology, clinical psychology, yoga, tantra, meditation, Ayurveda, reiki, and shamanism.


She is technically a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, and past EMDR therapist (trauma therapist) who happens to have a Master's degree and half of a PhD in Clinical Psychology, and connects with the Akashic Records on a regular basis.

She started out in biology and psychology and eventually found herself traveling around the world to explore alternative perspectives on health and wellness theories and practices.


Her own health crisis took her on a journey. She traveled to Peru, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Austria and to parts of the United States. On her way she spent time observing shamans, swamis, Ayurvedic doctors, Thai massage therapists, alternative medicine doctors (functional medicine, acupuncture, nutrition), energy practitioners (reiki, Q-RAK Cultivation, & more), and a lot of taoist and tantric yoginis of many sorts. 

Her studies and massive personal transformations led her to a career in holistic health and wellness where she now integrates her knowledge into several services.

Gabrielle's approach is wildly empowering, informational, professional, and intuitive.

She is flexible and adapts to you, meeting you wherever you are at in your unique journey towards truly thriving in your life! Her intuitive talents accelerate your progress as she is guided on how to most help you on an individual basis. She teaches you how to understand and honor your body, provides a multitude of opportunities for healing and self-care, and always makes sure that the journey is FUN.

She had four years of experience as a clinical therapist and reiki practitioner prior to creating her online business. If you need a spunky, wisdomous teacher and cheerleader, she's here for you! Gabrielle supports you in creating change in your life on every level,

 physical, emotional, mental, and energetic. 

Although she specializes in working with women, ALL genders are welcome in her sessions.



Kapha Vata
with a dash of Pitta

Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology
Round 2
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Prague, Czech Republic
Reith bei Kitzbühel, Austria
Ubud, Bali
Rishikesh, India
Rishikesh, India
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Tuscany, Italy
Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia


"Her energy and peaceful attitude towards the entire session made me feel comfortable and embrace this new approach of listening to my body."

Eftihia, 30

"Gabrielle is an extraordinarily caring and helpful person! She provided me with relaxation techniques that I can easily integrate into my daily routine. In the past I’d wait for the right time to relax which never really came. Gabrielle has taught me that relaxation is something I can practice throughout my day... I enjoyed our online mentorship sessions as she helped me learn how to take time for myself and not feel guilty. She is so passionate in what she does, and it truly shows!"


Debra, 62

"I was a little skeptical about doing distance Reiki, but it turned out to be the most powerful Reiki session I've ever had. I felt incredible for weeks after and now I'm craving more. Gabbi made me feel very comfortable and she has such a calm, genuine presence."

Aimee, 37

"Gabrielle’s holistic mentorship sessions are fantastic! Her approach and focus on my individual needs have allowed me to see a huge difference in my life."

Allie, 28

"After many failed attempts to get my body back on track... Gabrielle has been enlightening and also encouraging. With the use of Ayurveda she helped me to better understand my body and what’s been going on."

Miranda, 28

"Gabrielle’s reiki session was extremely transformative. It was my first experience with Reiki and I honestly went in expecting nothing to happen. The outcome was so much more than I could have ever anticipated. I physically felt blockages being removed, a wild array of sensations throughout my whole body. I left with a sense of clarity on my whole outlook on life. It was refreshing, healing, and much needed, I would recommend Gabrielle’s expertise to anyone who is interested in diving deeper into themselves."

Tara, 32

"Gabrielle is such a joy to work with! She truly cares for every person she comes into contact with and listens to any concerns they have. She provides great feedback and easy and approachable solutions [for] any of the issues her clients may face. She lets the client set the pace and any limitations they may have, she follows! She has already helped me make great strides in overcoming anxiety and stress by using natural and Ayurvedic practices. Would definitely recommend Gabrielle to any one who is ready to start working on themselves!"

Kasey, 28

"Gabrielle is a thoughtful and charismatic healer. She exudes a confidence in herself, those around her and humanity at large that reassures us that everything is going to be okay. She reminds us that we all have a past and that's okay. We are all imperfect and that's okay. What binds us together is our humanity and that's why everything is going to be okay. Whatever our personal struggles might be, Gabrielle can frame it in a way that heals our doubts while recharging and motivating us to live our lives to the fullest!"

Damien, 29

"As Gabrielle and I talked, I realized quickly that she had managed to bypass all of the alarms and bells my brain usually sounds when I begin opening up about myself...She listened, asked questions or gave feedback, and 15 minutes, she had grasped what I was saying without making me feel weird or less than...I genuinely cannot thank Gabrielle enough for helping me find new insight into myself and the world around me."

Dustin, 31

"It is because of my experience in this session with Gabriella that I was inspired to begin my spiritual journey!"

Eftihia, 30

"Gabrielle's distance Reiki sessions are transformational.  I've had the pleasure of experiencing several Reiki sessions with Gabrielle and I would recommend them to anyone who is has low energy, feeling stuck in a negative thought, or uncertain with how to best take care of themselves.  She offers a supportive environment to relax and receive new information.  Thank you so much!"

Lyndsay, 39

"I feel incredible. Gabrielle truly has a gift to share with this world and can get even the most introverted person to open up to themselves and learn about themselves."


Candice, n/a